Updated on July 4, 2019
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I have been writing poetry for twenty years. Best poems and poets of 2004 International Library of Congress.Google/AdSense, Hubpages Author

What is an Epigram?

An epigram is a short, pithy saying, usually in verse, often with a quick, satirical twist at the end. The subject is usually a single thought or event. The word "epigram" comes from the Greek epigraphein, meaning "to write on, inscribe," and originally referred to the inscriptions written on stone monuments in ancient Greece. The first-century epigrams of the Roman poet Martial became the model for the modern epigram.

The epigram flourished in sixteenth and seventeenth-century England thanks to John Donne, Robert Herrick, Ben Jonson, Alexander Pope, Lord George Byron, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In France, the poet Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux and the philosopher Voltaire often employed the epigrammatic form.

Enjoy some Classical Beethoven while reading


"Love" is cherished most,

by the dead lonely ghost.

With unfinished business,

watching over loved ones close!


"Love" feels special,

to those who can feel.

But cold hands are prudent,

to play poker and deal!


"Love" is sweet,

like an orange,

seeled away in the heart.

Until, it meets,

foreign deceit,

slowly tearing it apart!


"Heart" is the pain,

you show before losing.

It never says die,

allowing pride to take a bruising!


"Heart" is needed,

when facing adversity.

Adversaries are defeated,

when they see its diversity!


"Wisdom" is power,

to those who seek knowledge.

It teaches you lessons,

like a professor at a college!


"Wisdom" is vast knowledge,

obtained while you are alive.

Except, what good is a brain,

after the human body die?!


"Wealth" is tons of money,

that shows status and power.

But what good are friends,

when I bend words to make you cower!


"Wealth" is great fortune,

obtained while you are alive.

But besides a soul,

what can you take?

After, the human body die!


"Baseball" is the greatest game alive.

The only sport,

where an angel leave their pride!

Pretty boys who chew big league.

A diamond forever,

like Ken Griffey Jr. swing the pine.

Perfect poetry in motion,

like a special potion used every time!



"In a field of dreams"

Angels can be seen.

On a real baseball diamond,

the most athletic human beings.


"Life" is what you make it.

It can be short,

or long as pavement.

Just remember,

there is nothing worth saving.

On a planet, decaying!


"Greed" is felt by those.

Who have a brown stain,

on the end of thier nose.

The King Lion leaving bones,

scraps for the rest of a pack to own.


"Fame" is gazed at most.

By those who drink champagne,

brag, boast and toast,

about their own campaign.

Live a life and of luxery.

Is that not,

how we were raised?

The American dream and way!


"Anger" arouses your fancy inside.

With those feathers,

tickling the hearts pride.

It attacts ego,

to scamper off and hide.

Now, you finally found yourself,

before the day you eventually die!


"Hate" is well known.

By those out skilled,

In a craft they think they own!

In a multi diverse world,

did you really think you were alone?


"God" is needed most.

By those,

who know nobody close.

His relationship,

Is as strong as oak.

There is no better friend,

then the almighty G.A.O.T!


"Money" is what makes,

everything and one play a part.

It's why you awake every morning,

feeling like a hungry shark!

The motives of every Human.

Louis and Clark!

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