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Epic Presentation


The reflection of life, that of its entirety,

just what it does hold for all of creation,

Is so dramatic, and of such rare beauty,

this is seen in each finest presentation.

Sweet breaths taken by a fortunate few,

and are all meant to be so much more.

Is so deemed, to be purposefully made,

and each having its own prognosticator.

That entity, powerful, to be much grander,

more than that of any common creator.

The force which makes all to be seen,

and of those heard, as all that so exists.

As the Gifter of life, of all life's essence,

is of such brilliance that does so endure.

And forever it is to be in that continuation,

of a veritable infinity, it does so persist.


As if from one single spark, so igniting,

a giant conflagration, a huge explosion,

Each molecule is ever so expanding,

all across the universal plain, one notion.

By the hand of the magnificent of a God,

Father of all to be, this is so proclaimed,

Life sent to all seeds, then are planted,

its wonderful garden, Heaven, so named.

A fantastic universe within more universes,

so full of galaxies and containing every star.

Planets, as ours, in which humanity exists,

as the bright comets streak, all do travel afar.

Dark holes hiding more than their meaning,

scattered all about on each celestial lane,

As meteorites, are sprinkled in majestic art,

traveling unbound, and then, as if all to rain.


Life's involvement, in all of any existence,

the universal matters, large and of small.

Granted by the most special in generosity,

having the most precious, its gifts, to all.

Life forces, the tiniest of molecular forms,

every single one has their very on start.

And in their own states of any evolution,

forever expanding, so doing in every part.

Who or what, the most of all magnificence,

the granter of the lives, of all that's to be.

Is named throughout all of a longest history,

one of humanity, so generous, is this entity.

This God-force, Maker, is a giving progenitor,

and so much does love all, to be a certainty.

No kinder, or more gracious in our beginning,

for each life, and is so throughout, to infinity.


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