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Epic Journey

Author loves travel, books, music, photography, poetry, all of which are the inspiration for her compositions.


Epic Journey

Once in life we've embarked on that journey

With all the excitement and vision of how great and epic it would be

Turns out it wasn't as smooth a ride as we expected

"I was wrong" is the thought that has since then kept playing in our head

It was a voyage full of promises of amazing views

A once-in-a-lifetime experience offered to only a few

Indeed it was the picture of a perfect vacation

The things that can spoil the fun they forgot to mention

The frightening waves, the overwhelming crowd

The thunder's roar, the music too loud

The eerily quiet nights, the sense of isolation

The homesickness, the bouts of depression

That journey has had us reeling

From shock and disbelief, it had us thinking

Was it worth the try? Was it worth our time?

Would we be willing to do it again even if it felt like we almost died?


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