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Envying Others Is Harming Yourself

The author is trying her best to not let the beauty standards on the internet and authentic world affect her way of thinking about people.

Want it just like her

Her curls, her figure


*screams*Everything just like her

can't get enough of how jealous I feel

she is more good looking

she is more skilful

she is more honest

she is kinder

she always has something more than me,

I can't unsee the way she looks down at me

I want to have what she has

but don't loose yourself

you are your own human

you are different

and that is what makes you 'you'

Is she really always something more?

or that's how you see her

is it really her who looks down on you?

Or is it you who looks down upon yourself

and think too little of yourself

You envy her

and that is what is harming you,

not her, your envious mind

is what s causing you to stop being yourself.

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