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Environmental Haiku Collection

John is passionate about human and animal rights, social justice, equality, and the environment, and likes to convey that in his writing.

Save the Environment

Save the Environment

Ecology Anthology

The above play on words just jumped into my head so I felt compelled to use it. After all these poems are about the environment so it makes an appropriate heading, don’t you think?

I don’t write haiku often but they are so short that when I do I like to churn out a few. That doesn’t mean I don’t value them as a poetry form, and just because they have few words, doesn’t mean they can’t be effective and even powerful.

The state of the environment and climate are always of concern at the present time and so I felt compelled to use this as the inspiration for these poems. We really need to all be proactive and encourage our governments to take positive action to ensure the sustainability of ecosystems and protection of all living things. A lot of animal species have already become extinct, but it’s not too late to save most of those we still have.

Bees are endangered

Bees are endangered

Haiku ~ The Environment


These tears that I shed

Express my sorrow for you

All trees that are felled.


Keep planting new trees

Or we'll have a barren Earth

And so, dust to dust.


Nothing will survive

Without essential water

So waste not, want not.


Climate change is real

Deny it at your peril

Evidence is clear.


For rainfall, I pray

God, please hear my heartfelt plea

But don't send a flood.

Essential water

Essential water


Don't tell me you care

If you don't try to make change

It's just lip service.


Too much extinction

It is time to take a stand

All life has value.


Recycle, don't waste

Live a sustainable life

Be frugal, be free.


A beautiful world

Was created for us all

Respectfully yours.


Spend time in nature

Enjoy all the world's wonders

Before it's too late.

Be one with nature

Be one with nature


Factories pollute

With emissions and rubbish

Choking waterways.


Plastic and oil spills

Polluting oceans and seas

Sea creatures lament.


Down by the river

Where we once walked hand in hand

Now effluent flows.


Just One More Poem

This next poem ‘Sacrifice’ is the odd one out because it isn’t a haiku. However, it is still relevant to the theme. I am sure this form of poem has a name, but for the life of me I can’t think of it. Maybe someone can let me know.

The first line has one word

Second has two





Felled tree

Felled tree




I shed tears

a tree has died

for my writing

one more


Time to Change

Time to Change

© 2022 John Hansen

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