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Entrepreneurship Revisited

My love for poetry is beyond eternal and I believe poetry speaks louder than words. Poetry is my life and peace of my soul.


Entrepreneurship Revisited

Entrepreneurship is life,

A life in which there is a continuous battle to decide who will win and who shall loose.

But winners inherit the spirit of never giving up and loser loses hope to try,

A life which seems soothing from far but is made on unending will to never give up ,

A life in which you are pushed down to start line a multiple times ,

But those determined to rise a million times are the only one who can survive,

Entrepreneurship is a teacher which instructs the way to live ,

The goal is to make you learn that nothing is impossible if you have enough zeal.

Entrepreneurship is the way of the world ,

Being present even before man in the forms of nature entrepreneurship rests as eternal.

You may see it overpowering your instincts,

By drooling you in an abyss of war and struggle ,

Entrepreneurship is that risk, which a few can take,

It’s the passion which heals like music and cures like medicine,

It is something on which the world stands.

Entrepreneurship they say is a job ,

Well they are wrong, it’s much more than just a job!

It is that sleep which you get once you worked your nerves out,

It is a world in which you always walk alone,

It is world where friends and enemies both are used.

Entrepreneurship they say is easy ,

They certainly have not been into it,

It is a forest where lamb can dominate lion,

It is sea where shark eats grass to clean the underwater dust,

It is a carnival in which you play while keeping your life at stake,

Entrepreneurship is not just a word,

It is a voyage you take in storms in a wrecked ship,

It is the one which can bring doom in few seconds,

It a game of life where there is no ending,

It is journey on the verge of cliff.

Entrepreneurship will take it all, your power, your fear and your strength.

But at the last if you win you will be the king and rest will be gone forever into Historical flames.


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