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Entombed ~ an 'Off the Shelf' Book Review and Poetry

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Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Entombed ~ An Off the Shelf Book Review

My regular readers and long-time hubbers will remember my "Off the Shelf" series of articles where I select a book from my bookshelves at home and use the title to construct a poem* (usually with the intention of getting some message across or getting up on my soapbox.) I also provide a short synopsis/basic review of the book selected. I don't go into the amount of detail as my friend Mel Carriere in his 'Lunchtime Lit" series, but for my articles, poetry is the main focus and the short review is just a little extra. * the poems are inspired by the book title but in no way based on the story. Because all my books are purchased second-hand these reviews are never on newly released novels. Some may even have been published 30 or 40 years ago. In fact, now I think of it one may have even been a Charles Dickens' story so that's going back a lot further.

Entombed - a Novel by Linda Fairstein

Entombed’ is a 2005 novel by New York Times bestselling author and former Manhattan prosecutor Linda Fairstein. In this chilling thriller, Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cooper matches wits with the master of detective fiction himself - Edgar Allan Poe.

From the flyleaf blurb: “ Workers demolishing a nineteenth-century brownstone where Poe once lived discover a human skeleton standing - entombed - behind a brick wall. When assistant district attorney and sex crimes prosecutor Alexandra Cooper hears about the case, it strikes her as a classic scene from Poe’s fiction ,,, except that forensic evidence shows this young woman died within the last twenty-five years.”

I often find myself drawn to novels that are written by people who have 'real' experience in the field/genre they write about. John Grisham (lawyer), Kathy Reichs (forensic anthropologist), and Robin Cook (physician), and Linda Fairstein (leading prosecutor, Sex Crime Unit, District Attorney's Office in Manhattan) are just a few of these. Their knowledge and expertise help to ensure that the research and facts presented are credible.

I found this to be a gripping and well-written story, and the connection to Edgar Allan Poe is what really piqued my interest. 'Entombed' offers a feeling of 'you-are-there' reality, the characterization is excellent, and it kept me engrossed.

Entombed ~ an Acrostic Poem

Evolving right before our eyes

Not a thing that we can do

To negate this virus as it spreads

Only hope and prayers ensue.

My home is a safe haven

But I cannot venture out,

Entombed within these four small walls,

Dead to the world without.

"My home is a safe haven, but I cannot venture out." Image by Stan Madoré from Pixabay

"My home is a safe haven, but I cannot venture out." Image by Stan Madoré from Pixabay

Entombed ~ Poem No.2

I am trapped, but not in prison,

An inmate free of crime,

Entombed within this unsealed crypt.

A prisoner of these times.

Why must I be so punished,

Or unknown sins did I commit

For God to wreak his vengeance

And enact his wrath like this?

Delta seemed somewhat controlled

While restrictions were in force,

But as new variants evolve

The virus plots a newer course.

I know it’s not just me alone,

But all of the human race.

As Omicron spreads uncontrolled

I see the Devil’s face.

Image by Thomas Rüdesheim from Pixabay

Image by Thomas Rüdesheim from Pixabay

Pandemics have attacked before -

The Plague and Spanish Flu,

But those were many years ago

And no threat to me and you.

So, here I sit, uncertain

Of what the future holds.

Entombed and held against my will,

Just awaiting what unfolds.

Will friends and loved ones suffer?

I’ve never feared so much.

Fame and status matters not,

They say we’ll all be touched.

In time immunity will grow

And the virus will lose power.

I’ll escape these bars that trap me,

Behind which, in fear, I cower.

Then I’ll bust free from my confines

And rush into the crowd.

No longer will I be entombed,

“Freedom!” I’ll shout aloud.

"Freedom!" Image by Ahkeem Hopkins from Pixabay

"Freedom!" Image by Ahkeem Hopkins from Pixabay

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