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Nothing Else Matters...


Nobody wants to listen

To my scars that are open

My illusions , my mistakes

I crawl I break

I choose to fall

I create a hard wall

It's all done before

I Don't care anymore

I knew it very well that day

I lost it all today

When lights turned down

I become unknown

I am a mess I am the loser

I am unstopable I am infusible

Under the silence of the sea

I see

A fake a smile

A petty lie

Something become new

Now I use different view

I need a miracle

To be unbreakable

I remember years ago

That's why I go

I feel it at midnight

I feel it tonight

The moon understund me

The ocean talk to me

The stars hold me

The charm of the sky strengthens me

All the words I say

Are just my faded way

But that's enough

I am Moving up

And Nothing else matters..

Just find what you Love and Nothing Else matters..


© 2018 Sanaa Najim

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