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First Meet ...


Hello to my unkown lover

Hello to my life saver

Do you Remember our first meet ?

Our souls have flown so fleet

Now I can trust

Because I love you so much

So hard to explain

My deep feelings under the rain

Since we were fifteen

I was always your queen

Finally I can sing

Because you are my king

Remember when we used to play

Remember what I say

Every second

Every piece of you ..

I can do anythings for you

I will wipe your tears

For a thousand years

When you hear my name

Would you always love me the same ?

If my choice was wrong

I will just tell this song

I don't care at all

For you I will Break the rule

You stopped my mutiny

Being with you is destiny

My love is unstoppable

Your world is unbreakable


© 2018 Sanaa Najim

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