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Entering the Sandbox: The Politics of Juvenile Idiocy

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Many introverted youngsters worried about bullies

Growing up in the public school system in any time period

Stealing their lunch money and beating them up

Between games of catch and soccer practice

What happens when those grade school punks grow up

When they never get sent to the Principal's office

Or sent to their rooms without any supper or technology

Never get properly taught the A-B-Cs of human decency

Helping old ladies cross the street or even holding a door for them

Picking up the tab at lunch just because it was their turn to pay

Kindness never instilled in the most extreme case of a sociopathic fool

An abuser who treated women like trophies held on their private mantel

A user who transformed their underlings into a disposable piece on a chess board

Playing a vicious game of Musical Chairs with everyone else's livelihood

Their elementary level taunts graduate into the Major League of adulthood

An arena where the score and the body count was tallied up by day's end

One with the lowest was terminated, the one with the highest rose in the ranks

Disturbing thought that education and good values meant little nowadays

Common sense doesn't matter when television news crews need soundbites

Ratings trumped logic and old fashioned good journalistic integrity

Walter Cronkite would've cringed if he was news anchor in today's society

Power yielded by people with the license to carry AK-47s

And the ability to put someone in jail or in harm's way

All for the sake of Uncle Sam's, or their own, mighty dollar

Being investigated for crimes against humanity and their own arrogance

A belief that everyone sharing their DNA were among the "Untouchables"

Immune from prosecution and the scrutiny of the free press

Frightening thought for those paying their dues in corporate drudgery

As well as their taxes and ever other fine imaginable

Time to hold the bullies accountable for their callous behavior

Let the legal system tear them to pieces and leave the reasonable alone

Will that happen?

Not if Fox News has anything to say about it.

Out of the sandbox, time to go into the real world.

Out of the sandbox, time to go into the real world.

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