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Enslaved By Our Creation

Xmith is a Nigerian student who has a great passion for writing. He hopes to become an influential poet in future. Follow for more tips.



We are locked in cages
And regardless of our ages;
We are bound in chains
By the works of our brains.

God created man;
Man created phone.
Man has dominion over everything;
Phone took dominion over every man.
Our creation has become our master;
For as man rules over the world
So does phone rule over man.

Sometimes we pause to wonder,
Is technology really a curse or a blessing?
We are controlled by our inventions
And over our mindset and life, it has taken over.
Who will deliver us like the messiah?
For we have become slaves to our creation.

© 2020 Xmith Literature


John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 31, 2020:

Yes, I agree, we have become slaves to technology..mainly phones. Everywhere you go people are on their phones texting, using the Internet. Actual calls seems the least likely. Fortunately, I rarely use my phone and only carry it in case of emergency.

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