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Enigmas and Adversity

Puzzle Pieces and Control

I often find myself lost in thought

and I will think these thoughts ought to be thought,

like adversity is a friend or

puzzle pieces are an enigma or…or…

No, stop. Go slow.

*deep breath*

See I feel as if theres two sides of me:

the side that fakes the courage needed,

and the side that lives in a state of constant panic.


How do you balance the two?

Well, I wish I knew,

but I’ve found that creativity is a tool

that bridges the two momentarily.

There is a whole sea churning behind my eyes,

and often I ponder if I should sink or swim;

but today is a good day so I will swim.

So this is me breaking out.

Out of negativity.

Out of anxiety.

Out of thoughts I thought should never be thought.

Because although my side of constant panic tells me otherwise,

I am in control.

Thank you.

Self Portrait


© 2018 Sydney Rae

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