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English Poems Inspired by Vietnamese Poetry

The poems below was inspired by Vietnamese poetry. Poetry from Vietnam have themes of Family, food and nature which are very important in Asian culture.

Many writers from Vietnam center their poems around those kinds of things. I hope to capture the true essence of Vietnamese poetry. Here are five English poems.

A place

A place as unique as a Hanoi lake

Your hands has strengthened your nation

from the wars of old history

raise your glasses and cheer
for your country Vietnam

Palm Trees

Beautiful palm trees like summer and spring. Birds find a home in you picking at your fruit. The afternoon feels like poppies.

Egg Rolls

A traditional dish serve for family and friends

One that taste like it was prepared in a restaurant

A day spent watching Vietnamese programming and eating the unique food. Oh how a memory serves a time in my childhood.


The flowers show their beauty

under a beautiful spring sky

As the sparrows take flight


Children with their jump ropes

Playing outside in the sun

Water balloons fights

And fresh mangos

Eaten by the happy kids

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