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Poem 1: Weighing time

To paraphrase Faulkner, whom I have barely read, do not be a writer, but instead be writing.

Weighing time

A sad, indifferent, and greyish day

And weather that forbids to walk about

This brook flows in and out, sounds of the fay

Come straight at us, impending notes aloud

The images against the cloth of time

Present themselves without regard for us

And all is here and now, a bell to chime

A clarion call for all to come undress

Leave thee behind thy worthless, heavy bulk

And learn the magic game of flying still

What better manner to refuse to sulk

Than to let go, the mind with flowers fill

Return no more to weighing time, appease

Thyself and see as it doth also cease.

© 2022 David Rosales

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