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English Ghazal

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English Ghazals

I have tried for the first time to write ghazals in English. A few months ago I had composed three ghazals in hindi, which have become one of the best creations of mine and very close to my heart.

I have shared them the form of a video in the link provided here with the translation for the same. I have tried to provide some basic information of Ghazals with two examples of English Ghazals by famous poets.

Hope you will love them too.

English Ghazals

Love Lets You Feel More

Love lets you feel more

Every sense toils more;

The eyes see far more

Ears hear unsaid more;

Whether touched or not

The skin feels much more;

Wind blows the same way

But shivers the heart more;

Rain remains the same

Drenches the desires more;

The life is not changed

Love in life is more;

Anupam loves love

And longs to have more.

Anupam Mishra


Reality of Life

I know nothing about the truth or reality

What I learnt is a veil of reality;

Since I got senses, it has been told to me,

To strive to live is the only reality;

Whether you are imprisoned by dreams or free,

You'll always have to face the life's reality;

There might be difficult hurdles in life's journey,

But everything is just a fake reality;

We can never get the overall clarity,

Unless we realize the mirages' reality;

We have lost and gained the credibility,

In the quest of our transient life's reality.

Anupam has to find her identity

Drowned in the unknown world of fake reality.

Anupam Mishra


© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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