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Endless us

An on going love story. poems that talks on how their paths came to cross each other.


There she was.
There he was.
Both stared at their screen.
".... liked you" , "..... liked you back" flashed on their screen.
Yes, they were both using a dating app.

How funny was it right?
How funny it is.
She thought nothing good would ever come if she's using dating app to find her right one.
But alas, no matter how funny they may have met, she never expected how quickly she had fallen for him.

She's falling for him.
She knows that.
She sees that.
She feels that.

After their first conversation, she had thought.
"This could work"
"We could work"
"We'll make it work".

Now, weeks had passed.
They have not yet met in person but,
Feelings for him grew stronger.
Craving for his embrace, wanting to feel it with all her heart.

She prays for him
She prays for the both of them.
While praying she had thought
"this is where our endless story start".