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Endless Possibilities Of Our Creation


Were the planets and the stars all formed in succession,

Or was it all at once and in a spontaneous collaboration?

Are there more worlds like our own, to be scattered about,

Might we find any, if just a few, in our wayward fly-about?

Were we suddenly all created as two-legged homo sapiens,

Or did we evolve from tiny specs in the deep blue oceans?

What is the purpose of our being here now, is the question,

Will we all one day move in a discovery, a new revelation?


For every creation, there is a most benevolent creator,

Just as each beginning has the reason for its own start.

Matters not if we all were infinitesimal in our own origins,

Whether we came from the oceans, or just are all a part.

We grow more in our minds of how we each came about,

Every theory has a reason, though takes a different route.

We should all make the most of every minute that is ours,

Enjoy each sunup, sundown, not forget to smell the flowers.


Intelligence is the byproduct of experience, this deduced,

What we learn from our existence, quite often so profuse.

As surely as there's always a different take on every turn,

We'll all have a most interesting lesson and points to earn.

What if we all came here from another world, one far away,

Planted here on earth as seedlings and to grow every day.

Would we not be so grateful, our caring so much to behove,

Make the most of our survival, our own futures left to prove?


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