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Dark Fantasies of Light


Stimulus from this atmosphere surrounds me. I never cease to be amazed by all the beauty and miraculous conceptions that make up the foundations of our reality.

I should feel alive with boundless energy; my soul should be free to create anything and everything I desire with this physical form and consciousness I have been gifted with.

But my mind is not sound, I am not at peace.

My thoughts continue to roam in the shadows of regret and unrest. I just can’t seem to get these images out of my head. Such lust pulsates through my blood and I feel helpless.

I surrender to the darkness, give and let it consume my reason, for this is all I know.

A deep longing sensation tingles over the complete surface of my skin. When will this end? Where to from here?

I have my path set for now and If I strain my eyes and stare into the distance I can see the sun on the horizon, but it’s no longer enough! I need more, I need passion, and I need love.

But I’m stuck, trapped in this fantasy, can’t escape from this dreamed up reality. It could be real, I could be right, there’s not end in sight but this path I will continue along despite.

I hold on for I fear if I let go I will never get back what’s lost. I’ve needed something for a while, I feel it, and it’s closer.

I cannot give up. I will not, I refuse.