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Endless Boundaries Hold Me Still

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Clouds so high, clouds so low.
Grey clouds, white clouds, moving so slow.
They whisper to you, they whisper to me.
They whisper, “Come, I’ll set you free”.

The winds of autumn change too quickly for me. The winds sweep through my mind and my thoughts flee. With the cobwebs gone I am clean. With the cobwebs gone I hear a new song. Sing it with me, please sing along. The melody is simple, the melody is sweet, the melody is courageously complete.

As we were, we simply are, the darkness falls to reveal our stars. They are many, they are few, they shine brightly for me and you. They share the same moonlight as we share the same midnight.

As we are, we simply were. Confusion is present, confusion is sure. You’ll find it silent, you’ll find no cure. Confusion is dark, but love is pure.

So let’s look to sky blue and politely ask: Will you follow me, protect me, help me with my task? You know I need your sovereign guidance, I need your sovereign love. I need to redeem your wisdom kept so secretly up above.

I now have a choice to live this minute. I know the universe has no limit. No more deferral, no more delay. I will continue on from day to day.

I accept your words gentle and sweet.
They echo tranquil, they echo deep.
It’s loud and clear, never skipping a beat.
It hypnotizes my heart, it fills me complete.

Yes, find my mind, search my mind.
Please return me my mindful memories.
I know you can, I know you will.
Remove the misty boundaries that hold me still.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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