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End of the Week Mental Decluttering

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Wanted to end to this week on a positive direction

Tired of being plunged into historic low rates

Eager to climb out of this pit of whatever this is

Ready to purge the poisonous feelings of previous experiences

Washing away the painful traces of the past

In order to move ahead into a more enthusiastic future

Needing something with a little more antiseptic to do it

Some stubborn remnants won't go without a fight

Stuck in a gilded world of medical and personal making

Unsure of which way to turn and how to get out of this mess

Some unfamiliar elements coming into play made it more awkward

Cut back on the material that can actually be controlled

No more childish games only playable at recess

Too old to be stuck in such elemental tomfoolery

Simply treading water while so much more needed to happen

Fed up with the subtle digs and inane inquiries

This was reality; not an episode of Downton Abbey

A caged mouse spinning around ceaselessly on a wheel

That ended up literally going nowhere in the long run

Only received toned thighs and a dizzy spell

From going way too fast; always had a bit of a lead foot

Finally seemed to have caught up with a vengeance

Scattered ideas littered across the cage floor

Trash that didn't amount to much of consequence

Just stylish images and no substance behind it

Transformed into the most boring person on planet

Locked in place by routines and regulations

Appointments to be made and followed through with

Found some potential follies to look forward to

Unsure if it will lead to anything right now

Nice to simply focus on something else for a change

Having some possible fun without worrying about tomorrow

Or the numerous days and nights following that

Only wanted to zero in on that particular moment

Letting the ironclad guard down for a break

Allowing a small smile to crack through for a change

Something that anyone could get behind.

Need something stronger to clean this off.

Need something stronger to clean this off.

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