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Born In 2019 - A Poem

Nikki Khan is in love with words and fiction, her favourite genre.Creative writing acquires lots of practice and some great ideas.

My little son Hussain


Time spent


With children


Never wasted.

— Dawn Iantero

Kids are like Roses!

Year 2019 has proved a wonderful year for me, one of the special ones as in this year, God blessed me with His great gift of all the times, my son ‘Hussain’.

Kids are very precious gift of God who bring you happiness and joy with their presence. You forget all when you watch them laugh and talk with their cute actions. They are indeed roses of God’s garden who spread their scent all around them, you can’t resist their sweetness and magical power to change the world.

This poem is dedicated to my beautiful son ‘Hussain’ whose smile is a magical touch to refresh all the pain into happy moments.

Born In 2019 - A Poem

God has happily gifted me with a beautiful soul

he made my days pretty and adorable,

never thought of such happy days

would come to make my agony curable.

‘Hussain’ is my son’s name

which stands for good and beautiful,

he truly depicts his name right

is a metaphor of goodness and delightful.

You would want to lose all at his one smile

he shows his tongue when he chuckles,

haven’t seen such an appealing one

that comforts you and excites your buckles.

His Cackle


Thank God

I can never thank God for such an exquisite endowment

without Hussain can imagine nothing now,

what a powerful relation, an incredible bestowment

you are ready to sacrifice all for this present.

He is a teddy of his elder sister

who called him her twin, is an exact copy of her,

she cuddles him whenever she is back from school

Hussain loves his eldest sister so much.

Hussain is little brother of Ali also

is loved and shackled around in his elder brother’s arms,

but Hussain still giggles at Ali’s adventurous manacles

Ali’s style of love is like dungeon’s,

frightening but yet exciting run.

Daddy is so mad after Hussain

he is daddy’s little superman,

sniggers and titters in daddy’s arms

Hussain gets excited at daddy’s one glance.

Nothing can stop Ali from loving his younger brother!


Hussain is a darling

Time is passing leaving it’s fingerprints on

life is going so fast like a thunder storm,

you are left behind if you don’t race on

found repenting on moments already gone.

Baby Hussain is dearest to all of us

wanna capture his all cute gestures,

with him our childhood revolves around us

Seems like yesterday when we were little statures.

he is cute; he is sweet; he is beauty

he is pie; he is twee; he is lovable

he is dude; he is enchanting; he is adorable

born in 2019; he is precious to all

as a bright star in the horizon standing tall.

Babies are great source of happiness

© 2019 Nikki Khan

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