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Sequel of Life at the Ward: Why I Was the Happiest Patient Ever Confined?

The Sequel: Life at The 4B Ward Room 426

Life at The 4B Ward Room 426


I talked about the death of the lone grandmother whom I assisted the night before she died. Then I hinted that on the next one I'll be sharing how my life changed after being transferred here at the 4B Ward and the days that passed by after the grandmother's death.

On this Second Part, I wanna share and start first with how lucky and blessed I am being there. How luxurious it is, and how grateful I am for the comfort it brings.

Why Are They Saying I'm the Happiest Patient Ever Confined?

Reason 1: Extravagant Meals are My Everyday Pleasant Surprise.

Literally, I told everyone.

I'm so happy staying here,

It feels like I'm a princess.


I get to eat three times a day with am and pm snacks.

For free and no delivery fee.

The meals? They are so unique and tasty.

Some reminded me of the meals they served at airplanes.

Some reminded me of the meals you get at 5 star hotels.

Some meals are pretty standard but with a twist.

It's great to eat something different three times a day.

Everyday too, the meals never repeats.

What's good about that?

First of all, I hate eating leftovers the next day.

Second, it gives me something to be excited about.

Every meal is a surprise.

Every meal is something to be curious about.

I always wanna find out what my next meal would be.

I'm no picky eater as long as it doesn't repeat.

Plus, I'm so indecisive especially when it comes to food.

There's a lot to think of when you must prep your own meals.

Being so indecisive would literally drive you insane.

With regards to my condition were every ingredient is critical,

When having to cook or choose what to eat,

I still got a lot of thinking to do.

Like, what if it's too much salt?

Too much sugar?

Too much oil?

What kind of oil do they/I use?

Is it gonna be healthy or is this bad for me?

Am I going to eat this much, or will I eat little?

Depending on the amount and which kind of protein I'll be having,

Then I decide if it's cheat day or time to reduce some fats.

With that much of thinking needed,

Plus being extra indecisive,

Being at the hospital,

The meals are already planned at prepared by nutritionists and dietricians according to my needs.

Since they know what's best for me,

Anything they give me, I eat it without hesitation.

I must eat it all otherwise I'd get super hungry.

It's easier and more convenient for me.

I no longer have to think of anything but to just eat and eat whatever is served.

I no longer have to wash dishes or anything too since everything is disposable.

That's one out of many other reasons why I'm more comfortable and happy being at the hospital.

Reason 2: The Comfortability of The Room and Facility.

Windows with a View , Aircon, Comfort Room with Shower, and Comfortable Bed~ What More to Ask For?

Here at Room 426,

You can use a lot of things.

Feel at home, and you'll never wanna leave.

One side of the room,

Have large windowpanes covering from end to end of the wall.

From these windows, what do we see?

The sunrise of course at the morning.

The flock of birds chirping and flying together.

Skyscraper shining with citylights at night.

The sunset on the other side of the window when it's near dusk.

The moon, I saw a full moon once before I was discharged.

There's a view of a church outside from the windows too.

That's just from the windows.

Amazed yet?

The room is also well equiped with about four to six window type aircons.

Two of them is turned on to the coldest setting so it was really comfortable.

Then it has also its own comfort room with bidet and a dipper.

There's also cold/hot shower inside.

The down side is, it's hard to use the shower when you have the dextrose connected to you.

There's also a television inside but it wasn't being used.

What's good about my bed?

Tons of sockets to charge my phone!

I also used the other bed for my belongings as it was a broken bed.

Overall it was 10/10.

They disinfect the beds thoroughly and change the thrash bins with proper disinfecting too about every four hours.

Warning: Some Nurses and Doctors Are Different ~They Might Not Be For You.

The man who cleans and change the thrash bins was so kind too.

We become kind of friends as well.

He'd asked me where did the other patient go?

So he could clean it, otherwise let it be.

If the patient has been discharged, he'll disinfect it.

Throw away the linens and clean the bed.

If the patient was just away for awhile due to some tests or procedures,

He'll clean the scattered thrash near the bed.

Everytime, I took note of that.

Unconsciously, it has become my duty. LOL.

Fortunately, I was able to bring almost everything I need.

Tons of clothes, shampoo, and toothbrush with toothpaste.

And some snacks with a box of water.

They sometimes don't give me supply of water anymore as I have a lot.

One staff asked me if I was selling!

Lol. I was not.

At that time, I just really get thirsty easily.

The nurses also monitors my water intake so I had to take and drink a lot.

Unlike the other patients who wasn't ready to be hospitalized.

They struggle to ask their relatives to bring some stuffs for them.

As the guard were not allowing them to bring it inside.

God's grace of giving me comfort and blessings inside the ward.

God no longer gave me things or stuffs to worry about.

It was just like living at a condominium with added extra care service from the doctors and nurses.

I wasn't that much of a problematic patient.

They should thank me. ^_^

In fact, I was like a class's secretary.

Nurses would often ask a surname and which bed the patient is.

Even after a couple of rounds, they'd still forget. I know and I understand that.

I offered them a helping hand, by butting in and telling them which patient is which.

So they get to spare some time and make the job at least 2% easier.

Some nurses, medical technologists, and doctors, are different.

They don't cater all six patients at Room 426 4B Ward.

If the nurse or doctor doesn't approach your bed,

You can't ask them for anything or requests, even inquiries.

Even if you tell them, it is most likely to be disregarded.

Because they are not the one assigned for you.

Because they are not the one for you.

You don't have to force it.

Otherwise, you'll just be hurt and disappointed.

Reason 3: How Generous The Nurses, Utility, and Other Staffs Are.

Before I end this one,

I would like to say how generous the nurses are.

I know the meals are catered and limited stocks only.

Since some are customized and personalized,

It is likely that a variety of a meal would be out of stock.

On some cases, I really got lucky.

There are some desserts served to me that I really enjoyed, so I tried asking if I can get another.

I mean if there's a possibility of leftover.

Thankfully, there's one left.

Otherwise, I'd be sad for my cravings won't be satisfied. LoL.

The Extra Purple Yam Porridge!

One morning before I was discharged,

My porridge got doubled.

The nurse gave me a porridge beforehand without my name on it, so I ate it as I was starving~

After a shortwhile of finishing my supposed to be breakfast only,

The other nurse who was doing bloodpressures and vital signs, approached me and handed me another bowl of porridge.

At first I was hesistant to accept since I already had one.

The same as the one he was giving.

But since it was meant for me,

I changed my mind in an instant and told him,

"Nurse! I'll have it. I'm still hungry."

He gave me a glare and asked,

"You're still hungry?"

At the back of his mind I already knew what he meant.

"After everything you ate, you're still hungry?"

But I still managed to eat it.

Never discard blessings. Always accept it especially if it's for you.

Little Things Are Big Things When Combined Together. It Comes A Long Way.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of give and take.

Though we are not obliged, let's return the favor to our hardworking frontliners.

Little ways to make their day, could mean small for you,

but who knows how much weight of burden could be lifted up.

Help them in little ways without being troublesome.

Because they need it too.

They just won't admit it to you as their patients of course.

But they are more tired and exhausted than we are.

"Patience is one you should practice and keep in mind."

There are serving tons of people.

They'll get back and attend to you as soon as possible.

Just wait for a short while.

A short while that'd take roughly 4 hours,

to 8 hours,

to 12

to 16

to 20.

It's just a short while don't worry.

If it's really getting out of hand and there's a sense of urgency,

I tried to help the needs of the other patients,

if it's not gonna cause any problem or accident for me.

Just to keep things manageable, until nurses come over to help.

When I was new to the ward,

The other patients assisted me too.

With my water bottles,

how to get my dextrose out of the stand

and how to put it back at the hook,

and getting used to the CR.

When they got discharged,

I knew, I have to do the same for the other patients after them as well.

Cause no one would help each other rather than the patients within the ward only.

And since I'm the youngest patient at the ward,

I was the only one with capacity to help the mothers and elderly.

Although with MS, assisting them to the comfort room is a no-no.

A huge NO actually.

As we both might fall and cause some accident.

I really learned a lot from the ward.

I was so blessed and happy with everyone around.

That was why, I just return the favor and making them smile in little ways I can.

I really had a great time.

Old tale says,

"The more the merrier."

If you want a solo trip,

Go to places where you can help.

Like orphanages and charity volunteers.

Going alone and booking at a hotel,

It's pricy and expensive.

You won't learn anything.

Explore the world.

If you're like me,

At the same time seeking for answers medically,

Have yourself admitted to the hospital.

Who knows?

You might enjoy the journey as well as I did.

Until my next one,

Stay happy and keep smiling!

One way to keep you beautiful and glowing is to keep smiling!

Till next time!


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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