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Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.

One moment in the air, the next I'm stretching thin
She found me, clueless, in the bottomless pit,
In her presence, motionless, I can't move an inch
Fighting helplessness. Somebody please stop her,
She strips me naked. My secrets are sought after.
My scars in the open. She bursts out in laughter.
Reading every bit of my skin. This is a disaster.
I'll never walk again. How do I escape her?
'Years of dedication, spending weeks without sleep
Navigating the world without someone to keep
Having but no one with whom to speak
Once full of youth, now withering, losing teeth
Your scars are gruesome. They run deep
You carry this baggage, no one wants to see
What have you left? You should just leave'
I cannot seem to fight her. She grabs me tighter.
Her hands around my neck, my head is now lighter
I take my last breath. She takes a final step.
Don't let her have you, too. She is emptiness.

© 2021 W h o I s I

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