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Empty Room: A Poem

Halley is a man who loves to write poetry as an introduction to positive messages for his readers. as a form of social interaction.

empty room

empty room

Empty Room

Since this time or before

When did it start?

All goes silent in the seconds and minutes that rotate at the end of the hour hand.

What reason do I want to convey.

What story do I want to hear.

Until the meeting was only wishful thinking that was not certain.

I only saw an empty space.

was boisterous roaring rain screaming outside

make the wall even more frozen and silent.

you are busy.

reluctant to appear.

hiding in the mist of delusion.

enjoy the reality when it is cloudy with a falling drizzle.

Even cold began to stab and penetrate.

Me and you just wanna be cool

Without the need to feel down.

Let's talk while sitting

enjoying the past or walking along with a happy smile

Empty space formed.

Only temporary

Just an irony.

Meanwhile, a million stories form at different times.

Empty Space Like a lump of longing

lonely pulled over by himself

silent side by side with a dark heart

while asking about the lingering silence.

Empty Space is Colorless

like white at loggerheads

Like living Black

Like red at peace.

Meanwhile, Gray continues to appear in the space of our hearts.

the spark of shadow is only present to those of us who are still Believing and Enduring.

In an empty space.

Stack of enthusiasm is only on those who are able to remember

What has been filled in Free space.

Lying and Empty It can be the same.

If it does not come true about dreams which are only in words.

In the Empty Room in solitude. We are still Alive and continue to fill in the plan as the realization of the Words. For In show off.

Or Saved Become a Choice in the empty space about the Struggle without you needing to compare.

Because I still have the same belief and desire to arrive at a victory at a point that can be remembered.

See you in another empty room.

© 2021 Halley Kawistoro

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