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Empowered Words

Marieta Maglas is a co-author in some anthologies published by Ardus Publications, Sybaritic Press, Prolific Press, and Silver Birch Press.

Reality and Illusion

In the devil's eye~

'twas the black born

of what happened to the white;

the world ~ a pendulum,

a will-o'-the-wisp between

reality and illusion.

Have seen Jehovah within.

Thought it would seem to be extant~

mirroring in the whole fall from grace

through suffering;

divine seeds germinated for love~

in the light of an abstraction.

Brought back from the edge of heirloom memory~

antiquated, holy words.

Poem by Marieta Maglas

''Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.” – Confucius

The words that are used for speech or writing have also a power in controlling the energy. This is the reason why in the beginning, it was the word and it belonged to God. The vibrations of the words can modify the direction of some energies. Generally, the energies of the cosmos are very powerful and they can control the sound, the light, the vibration, and the frequency. Also, these four elements can control the energies. This is explained so clearly in the Apocalypse. The energies slip into the physical things to the different degrees to control those four elements mentioned in the above.
A lot of magic rituals use loud words having powerful vibrational patterns, the force of thought, and sacred geometries with the goal to attract energy and to control it. Moreover, nature uses the sound to make some crystalline structures. Also, the words are used to deceive or to empower the mind.
The spoken words empowered with thoughts and emotions can rule the world.
The ancient Egyptians used to repeat the names of gods and some other supernatural entities in their ceremonial meetings in order to obtain a good effect or a bad one.
Only a Brahmin was allowed to recite fragments of ancestral Vedas after a very deep meditation because this speech was, in fact, a prayer to glorify the sun.
The pronunciation of specific mantras became a real power of those persons doing it.
Another miracle was the way Jesus healed by using the power of words. Jesus, also, was in Tibet, where he found the Mantric traditions, mantra meaning a “tool for thinking.''
The theory of demonic diseases has had many examples in this sense since the prehistoric period.
The words can transmit many important thoughts and ideas that can change everything around. These words are as Novalis wrote ‘the audible that clings to the inaudible’ and vice versa. They can become concepts and can affect our feelings and emotions. The reality could be described by the human voice giving people a new dimension and, also, the inner thought could become reality to change it in the same manner while being linked with the universal events.
The Egypt doctors from the ancient time thought that some supernatural, spiritual beings could cause the apparition of the diseases and used incantations and magical potions to push out those spirits.

© 2018 Marieta Maglas

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