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Emotions are Contagious

Anupam has been in teaching for ten years, giving life training along with language training. She believes in the collective consciousness.


Reflection of Emotions

What you feel, that you forget

When you find the world around you different;

Your feelings are mostly a reflection

Of the practically observed emotion;

A hurt man thinks no more of his pain

When he finds someone cheerfully singing in the rain;

The tears roll down impulsively

Having a glance at someone crying bitterly;

However calm and contented you are

You lose the patience for a loser;

While you feel like a winner after losing,

Watching the strong strugglers smiling.


Personal Experiences

My classroom has taught me a lot. I could read and comprehend the emotions better after witnessing the various emotions of my children in my classroom for more than a decade.

At various occasions, I could find the class so quiet as if even pin drop could be heard while at times it used to be so noisy that it was too difficult to handle. I tried to study every situation deeply and observed that the students' behaviour was dependent on the last class that they had. If they had a funny class or teacher they seem to be in that mode, if they had a strict teacher they behaved rudely and if they had some good activity in the last class they retained their energy.

Even the silence had different meanings. Sometimes that showed their boredom, sometimes their tiredness, sometimes negligence and some times it showed their silent disapproval. There I started with a trick. However worried or tired I would be, I tried to wear a gentle smile on my face and start with something thrilling to grab the attention. To make it more personal I used to devise some funny encounter with some child or colleague and share it with them with a gentle smile and genuine laughter. The students too used to start doing the same and I could get the attention of my children.

In my initial stages of teaching, I used to scold a child in public getting a little bit frustrated with the child's nuisance (not listening, doing something else than the task assigned, disturbing others, playing with paper,etc). Surprisingly, that never worked for that child but made the whole class get more serious and negligent.

One fine morning I was walking in a park where I found a few people laughing in a group. Looking at their laughter, I too felt some sort of tickle and laughed continuously for a long time. I practiced this thing in my classroom. As soon as I entered the class, I burst into laughter and having a look at me all the students did the same. After this laughter of a few minutes, I narrated the story of "Gift of Magi'" by O Henry. Soon that laughter faded and the class became profoundly serious.

Contagious Emotions

Beaming with laughter the child sways

Spreading cheerful glee on his ways,

He knows not what's wrong or right

But keeps on learning day and night,

As he grows, he delves deep into life,

Observing the gloomy and gleeful strife.

The life gifts a man several emotions

Based on the wanted or wanted situations,

These human emotions are contagious

Which attack the visitor conscious or unconscious.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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