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Emotional and Spiritual Synthesis

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Thought that today would be a step in a proper direction

One foot in front of the other and the usual stuff

Stuck behind concrete and memory foam laziness

Minimal desire to be an overachiever of any kind

Temperature outside prevented that from being possible

Unable to evolve when world was lost behind masks

Afraid to get near others due to the justifiable health risks

Fingers crossed that a solution will come soon

Need new social material and content to have in conversations

Hard to deal with newer reality when lost in your own thoughts

Not allowed to bounce any ideas or express concerns to anyone

Outside the confines of telephones, internet and family

Loved having a sense of structure during the weekday grind

Even when it got to a different kind of drag to contend with

Dealt with another frustrating Monday for the record books

Chock full of tedium and irritating individuals knocking

On the metaphorical front door trying to get a rise out of me

Laughed quietly at how easily it was allowed for them to do so

Considered that these gnats weren't the problem at all

It was the narrator at large who couldn't block out the noise

Found no sound canceling headphones to protect them

Wondered what it was like to be considered an adult

A fully functioning and totally independent organism

Operating heavy machinery without the aid of guiding hands

Prepared to close both eyes not to sleep; too early for that

Blocking out everything and everyone causing stress

Taking away the sadness and past memories for a moment

Picturing utter quiet and stillness to clear the mind

Erasing the mental and physical cobwebs from the canvas

Creating the ultimate clean slate in front of you

Allowing for some much needed clarity

Simplifying any problem and boiling down the solution

Into bullet points to get to the ideal solution

Counting down from any number to reach relaxation

Finding temporary peace in order to evolve into a better person

A step that will need to be likely repeated numerous times

To get it done the right way; nothing good ever came easily.

Time to create the ultimate clean slate.

Time to create the ultimate clean slate.