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Emotional Fool's Gold

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Woke up to the realization that peace was one thing

Living with the aftermath a totally different animal

Especially when the other party still didn't get it

Harshly cruel past erased the chance of anything else

Sure, the enmity disappeared; skepticism never left

Unsure of what was wanted at this point in time

Everything was said and done ages ago

Cannot put the genie back into a broken bottle

Still making an effort of diplomacy in uncertain times

Patience on the brink of breaking through very thin ice

One more strike and the game was over forever

Another false and juvenile move to close it off

Prepared to stop this merry go round and take it in reverse

Just to be spiteful and make them fall off

So much for having evolved in the past year

Back to reality this time around the bend

No longer willing to play these childish Reindeer Games

Repeating the same broken pattern of events and rules

Don't even know if there were actual regulations to start

Felt like everything was either a test or a below the belt insult

Ready to accept that the goodwill train left this station

To never return on the same track until the end of time

Lost the ability to care about the needs of those

Who don't deserve any more attention

Trying to subtly relive their glory days

Sorry, sweetheart, those days are long in the rearview mirror

Face a new and rougher reality just ahead over the horizon

One that no longer included this captive member of the audience

Not interested in being supportive or anything else anymore

Forget my name, number and any other method of contact

Last ounce of respect left the premises finally

Cannot trust someone who lied one too many times

Created false promises in order to keep peace

Foundation finally turned to ashes

Time to rebuild in another undisclosed location.

A crack impossible to repair.

A crack impossible to repair.


OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on April 20, 2021:


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