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Embracing the Ancient Ways of the Founding Fathers #2

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When they discovered this affecting their family with their children and relative groping in the darkness of poverty and lack, they also start to toe the path of the new breed saying the world is changing and anyone who does not want to toe the paths of the changes would be

Left behind in the scheme of things. However limited numbers of people wish to get to the bottom of what is happening in the island, they want to know the genesis of the sudden drift and changes within the island. These set of people who called themselves the concerned

Citizens of the island went to the people who have known the history of the island to hear some things about how the island has been formed. The people they get to tell them what was available in the time past in the island and that such is not in place again, if they can put such

In place in the island, surely things shall be back on her feet and things would be working normally in the island. To get such in place would be a heavy task they have reasoned because the new way of life has eaten deep into the fabrics of the people of the island because

Of the suffering that they have passed through. That is the way out those they have contacted had tell them. In getting to the root of the problems, they also went to the gods of the island to have a discussion with them. On getting to the gods, they were told that the

Genesis of the issue was the migration of a man into the island which he has warned the leaders against but they failed to pay attention to what the gods have said unto them until the person settled down in the island. After his settling what he started doing was pitching people

Against one another through series of lies. It was the lies that he has brought into the island that some members of the island bought, and they joined forces with him to tell lies, and become tale bearer among the people of the island, the gods have stated. How do we

Identify the said person they asked the gods who told them that even if they identify the person they can barely do anything about him again because he has firmly established himself in the island now, such that even if they deal with him, some other people who are terrible

Than him would spring up and that would be terrible. They asked from the gods what they can do about this, for they really desire changes in the island, they desire progress in the island, they do not want to be stagnant again. For changes to happen in the island, the gods

Tell them, those who have come to the gods should start from themselves, they should start by showing love to one another within the island. When you start showing love among yourselves, you will by that be winning some people who have been brainwashed by those

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People to know that showing love is possible and through love the world and the island can move forward. But outside this, even if you offer thousands of cattle and other things as sacrifice you will not know appreciable progress, the kind of progress that would be noticed

Is individualistic in nature which is the one in vogue now as you can notice, there are individual progresses, but what is elusive is communal progress which was available during the periods of the founding fathers of the island. They thanked the priests for speaking to

Them the minds of the gods and they now could decipher that what they have heard is the same, they need to start showing love one to another and they need to start somewhere the somewhere is starting among themselves. As those people started showing love among

Themselves, those who are outside their circuits started noticing the changes among them and desire to be like them. Some people actually joined their group because they wanted to know the secret behind their progress. On joining them they noticed that there is no secret

Thing behind their progress what they are practicing is real love, exemplary lifestyle. After discovering this, those people equally began to show love one to another, and in doing that, they can jointly fight for something for their island and their neighborhood without a

Person antagonizing what they are fighting for. As this love grows, the love becomes solidified by unity among them as they start speaking with one voice on most of the things concerning the island and even the natives of the island. Though there are people who still go

Around as the talebearers among them, but they have been reduced drastically as people have embraced and returned to the ancient ways of their forefathers to bring about progress into the island. Now the positive changes coming into the island is more than the negative

Changes that those people brought into the island, this is comforting to all one of those who have worked for the new changes said, and now I can go to my grave in peace knowing that those I am leaving behind will continue to build on the new foundation we have laid.


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