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Embracing the Ancient Ways of the Founding Fathers #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


The island was a small settlement which has been that of love, harmony, peace, and progress. The people who have been living in the island have been telling each other that what would bring progress into the island is if they can be in one accord, having love for one

Another because it is through love that the world has been formed, it is love that makes the heavenly beings be in accord without a soul from the terrestrial world going to the heavenly realms to settle rifts between the Supreme Being and his subjects. If they can maintain love

Among themselves and grow in it, it is certain that in no distant time the island shall be a place that every inhabitants of the world shall aspire to want to get to and learn from and the people living in the island shall become a cynosure of all eyes. This word being the skeleton

Which other flesh of words in the island is being attached to keeps the people in there going. Thence, you can hardly see a street fighting with another, it is not that they do not argue with each other or have problems among themselves but they have known that tongue

And teeth do fight but no one resolves the fight among them they therefore hardly take their cases to another person to be resolved for them. however, in some instances that some cases get out of hand, the head of the island is always there to resolve the issue for them.

Whatever has been said by their leaders they usually abide by without nursing grudges against one another. They will forget the past and march forward in their doings. This is the graphic picture of what was in existence in the island before the man migrated into the island.

On getting to the island, he started working against the building fabrics of the island, which is the love among them, and started backbiting, saying what he knows nothing about, acting as tale bearers. When he starts to act like this the devil infiltrated the hearts of some natives

Alan x Walkers - Unity

Of the island who eventually joined forces with him and they started acting untoward in the island, speaking what they know nothing about, setting families against each other and the island that has been full of love before, soon become the island that is full of hatred. Things

That they used to work together for to achieve from other islands, they do not work together to achieve such again, and people started working against one another. When the natives and the inhabitants of the island who have connections with the people and world

Bodies see something coming to the island, instead of working so that the thing would get to the island they will not work towards that when they see that what they wanted to take to the island would not benefit them nor be taken to their neighborhood, they will work against

The thing being released into the island. Therefore, it has been noticed that the progress that the island has made in the time when there was love among them, that has been the only progress that the island has made so far, they have not made additional progress. Everyone

Fights to his or her thing. It is now that the people of the island started telling stories that they know their forefathers, that their forefathers belong to another race while the forefathers of the northern part belong to another race. The new breeds within the island see this as

Normal thing but the old people within the island those who have interacted with the ancient people of the island know things are terribly, terribly wrong within the island, because many things are eluding them which was not happening before. Since the new breed

Has taken this to be the normal way of life, it was not long before some of those who are old too started dancing to their tunes. They were dancing to their tunes because the good deeds they have done were not recompensated for by those they have done those good deeds for.