Embracing Your Inner Tortoise Motorcycle Clutch Groupie

Updated on July 10, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Common sense devolved into a bowl of Cinnamon sugar oatmeal

Any contents of substance liquefied into the bowl

To be eaten and properly digested back into the bloodstream

Some of it might have been diluted by the boiling hot water

Put inside to mix the contents into somewhat mushy goodness

Better to have some of the smarts than none at all

Rest will have to be relearned or taught through experience

Book and street smarts coming together in perfect bizarre harmony

Unable to get in touch with my feelings on the telephone

Afraid of super virus getting in and compromising the circuits

Have worn my favorite pair of black Emotional Timberlands

For years now to stamp out anything too painful to handle

Destroyed it in order not to have to deal with it head on

Sitting semi-cross legged on a therapist's couch each week

Talking about what made you tick and what needed work

Needed the ice pick that Catherine Trammell carried to bed

To get through that specialized security system

One that not even Tom Cruise could scale in Mission Impossible

Just some stunts that not even an adrenaline junkie would do

Internalized sentiments developed a hard Jolly Rancher shell

Around the most vital internal organ: the heart

Protected it from certain precarious gigolos cutting it to shreds

Or simply throwing it into Fargo's wood chipper to destroy evidence

Of a crime of the heart ever being committed in the first place

Afraid of getting scarred by the landmines that love often paired with

Seen the damage of brokenhearted people going through rehab

Only coming out after some prodding and a few relapses

Inched my way out of the hardened shell

Like a turtle eager for some sunshine and spook an unsuspecting child

Ready to race that jackrabbit type of hare across the roadway

Not sure which one will win, but the thought of beating them

A fun idea that needed to be toyed with

Conceivable it could happen if tortoise eats their Wheaties

Runs a marathon and drives a Harley Davidson motorcycle

Jamming to Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" like an Easy Rider

Letting the wind and bug bounce off your face

As you approach the finish line

Chances of spinning out was high if the speed crossed certain number

Thrill of danger and adventure worth the risk in the end.

Tore down the walls brick by brick to feel the sunlight

The touch of another stroking the back of my neck

With a much needed embrace longed for all week

Ready to see the world one step at a time

No matter how slow the pace.

I'll be there no matter what happens.

Preparing for the big race.
Preparing for the big race.



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