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Embrace The Moment - A Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems. Writing relaxes her and is a great fun. It connects her with her inner self and with the wider world.

Embrace the different shades of life!

Embrace the different shades of life!

Embrace The Moment

Embrace you are awakened for the day.

When you slept, your soul was taken away.

Be grateful for your well-being.

For gratitude is pleasing.

Embrace you have lots of work.

Don’t complaint, you are overworked.

Imagine if you don’t have that one.

Many are waiting for that knock to begun.

Embrace the hard days.

Those are for short stays.

Embrace your struggle & bravery,

To one day reminisce your victory.

Embrace the moment darkest.

For that is when a star shines brightest.

Embrace the trials,

As gold is tested in fire.

Embrace the good days in routine.

Usually, we inconsiderate to praise,

to Almighty in between,

for it attracts blessings immoderate by His grace.

© 2022 Rozlin

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