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Embodying the wisdom of " what if's "

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Freedom from what if's

Freedom from what if's

Since we love utilizing our energy on things
That haven't happened yet
We love risking our time molding a scenery of thousands of what if's to eat our brain

Have you noticed how seemingly immune your brain system with this?
The following are the most common

You left with a bad conversation with your parents-
while you're sipping coffee a thought came out out of the wall clock,
What if their going to hate me for the rest of my life?
What if mum plunged into heart attack of being so mad ?
What if my entire family would hate me!?

You leave a serious comment on social media post
Later on your what if's
starts eating your brain-

What if they'll misunderstood my comment ?
What if they're going to criticize me?
They're probably going to hate me!!!

You had a fight with your spouse last night
There you are
staring at the ceiling banging your head on the walls
What if he'd ask for divorce?
What if he'd left me?
What if he'd hate me,? what if he already decided of leaving before I even try to fix the misunderstanding?

" We are more often frightened

Than hurt; And we suffer more from

Imagination than from reality. "


So here's the point -
" What if you stop solving-
Knowing the REAL problem? "

What if's are part of our life,

but assuming and believing those thoughts

are more likely to happen and that you're foretold

as if your a psychic -

PSYCHIC may be true in some sort
But here's the thing and the truth.

" What might happen tomorrow,
It depends on what decisions you make today."

the problem in here is
We're talking about your life, your spouse,

your friends, your family
The situation is no joke
And you're not a PSYCHIC

Stop relying and spending your energy

predicting on things
that haven't happened yet
Instead, and the best thing you should

be doing is to face the problem
Not running.

sit down and speak out your reasoning

behind those words and actions
Connect and listen carefully

to the other person
do not focused your attention

on your truth right and wrong

If you keep practicing this habits-

You'll probably locked up in this thought-

you will never be able to make

a reality move everytime you just watched

your what If's play and eating your brain-

Instead of putting it to reality questions

and reality actions
If you always keep your what if's play on repeat
You will always be tapped out

and will end up eating your brain.

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