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Elusive Love

The poet is a medical student with a weird sense of humour and spends a great deal of time exploring ways to flourish his cultural insight.

Elusive love

Elusive love

My Elusive Love

Elude me how you might, l must possess
You, unadorned, without your gleaming gems,
And not when misty darkness blankets all
Of you in folds of tempting drapery,
But in clear moonlight, and unveiled, limb strained
To limb, dumb, breathless, one in tlesh and soul.

I've watched and waited for the moment when,
Shorn of paint, dye and gold, you'll stand revealed
In fullest glamour of your matchless form
And let me hold you close in an embrace
In which, unconscious of both space and time,
We'll savour rapures past known scale or bounds.

Come, come to me, for I can hardly bear
The anguished loneliness of loveless days,
The sleepless nights which mock my fervent youth,
The burning torment of remembered pain,
The ache and hurt which turn my orchards waste,
The paling leaves, the vines so bare and dry.

I yearn tor you, and feel along my nerves
A passion overflowing land and sea ;
I tremble, shaken by a strange unrest,
A thirst which leaves me panting, faint for breath,
A prey to wild desires, which you alone
Can calm, alone fultil, restrain and dam.