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Jacy has been writing for over a decade as a hobby. Now she's trying to put more focus toward it as a career.

A simple poem about wanderlust:

A whisper of sound

Caresses my skin

Bringing with it

Tales of a foreign land

The story resonates

Within me

Like the song of a black dove

The pungent scents

Of unknown spices

The pale sense

Of unknown stars

To be elsewhere

To experience newness

Is desired



I wish

To eat this world

And other worlds


© 2019 Jacy Delvecchio


Jacy Delvecchio (author) from Maryland on May 23, 2019:

Thank you so much! I'm happy the feeling of the poem translated well.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on May 16, 2019:

Enjoyable poem. You captured the feeling and desire of "wanderlust" very well in few words.

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