Elf Rhymes

Updated on November 29, 2017

Merry Christmas to all

— Ryan Cornelius


In an orphanage in 1973.
A mother was putting her child to sleep.
Santa came down the chimney.
With a bag of toys delivering.
Delivering gifts on Christmas Eve.
He drops his bag while getting Milk and Cookies.
Then hears a sound like something is falling.
At the North Pole and sees something crawling.
Sees a young baby.
Shocking his elf family.
Santa was not into raising kids.
So PAPA ELF was chosen to raise the kid.
The Elves gave him the name BUDDY.
Because of the diapers, he was wearing.
He grew at an alarming rate.
Bigger than the elves, he was out of place.
Despite it all, he believes he's an Elf.
But when creating toys he sees he's no elf.
The elves try to encourage him.
Buddy reluctantly buys it.
He overhears the elves talking.
Then realizes that he is really human.
Papa Elf explains it all.
He explains why he's so tall.
He explains whom he was born to.
Buddy decides to go to.
To go to his father in New York.
Who's a big publisher in New York?
Upon his arrival.
He wants to show that he's the child.
The Child of WALTER HOBBS.
So he goes to his job.
But he is kicked out.
He then finds out.
That humans really are cool.
But struggles to learn all the rules.
As he struggles to make adjustments.
He goes to a mall and sees.
That humans make beautiful things.
He enters a store.
He's mistaken to work at the store.
He meets a beautiful girl name JOVIE.
Who he finds interesting.
The manager told him Santas coming.
After hearing that he was Happy.
He decided to stay overnight.
Decorating Santa Land overnight.
He finds out the next day.
That Santa is not really the way.
The way that he remembers him.
He's appalled when he sees him.
He confronts him seconds after.
Stands face to face with the fake Santa.
He rips off his fake beard.
They start fighting and the kids fear.
So the Manager steps in.
Stopping it and protecting the kids.
He's later taken to jail.
Walter gets him out of jail.
He finally accepts that buddy's his son.
So he moves him in with his other son.
Buddy still makes adjustments.
Adjustments to human life.
Thinking his father's does everything right.
He is winning over MICHEAL.
Defeating bullies for Micheal.
Micheal encourages Buddy.
To consider dating.
Dating Jovie from the store.
Feeling she has what he's looking for.
While Walter learns from his boss.
That his company may be lost.
After publishing a failed book.
So they organize another book.
They pitch the idea, Christmans Eve.
Later, they arrange a meeting.
With Miles Finch to hire him.
They needed an author and chose him.
Meanwhile, Buddy takes Mikes advice.
Approaches Jovi without thinking twice.
Asking her out on a date.
She says yes and doesn't hesitate.
They both agree on one night.
Buddy keeps that date in his sights.
When that time came.
Buddy makes her say.
That she likes him.
She attempts to ask him.
Ask him on another date.
The next day it's Christmas Eve.
The day of the meeting.
Buddy bursts into his dad's office.
Telling him he's in love with.
Jovie. He then mistakes Finch.
As a dwarf, he once grew up with.
Finch doesn't take that lightly.
He storms out after attacking.
After attacking buddy.
Walter then starts disowning.
That results in buddy running.
Running away. Walter quits his job.
While Santa's sleigh's in Central Park.
It's crashed. It attracts a crowd.
Santa yells out loud.
That the engine has broken off.
The Christmas spirit makes it take off.
Walter shows up with Micheal.
He admits his denial.
He then accepts him as his son.
Jovie and the crowd are singing.
Santa's sleigh starts powering.
But needs a little more.
Micheal gives enough to restore.
Enough Christmas Spirit to allow it.
To deliver the presents.
Walter starts his own company.
& Buddy and Jovie's starts a family.

Will Ferrell
Buddy Hobbs
James Caan
Walter Hobbs
Zooey Deschanel
Bob New Hart
Papa Elf
Daniel Tay
Micheal Hobbs

Jon Favreau

Director  Iron Man  Iron Man 2
Director Iron Man Iron Man 2

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius



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    • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image

      Tamara Yancosky Moore 4 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

      You are a Rhyming Genius! Thank you for the Follow. I am very honored, as well, by your very kind Fan Mail you left for me.

      I’m so glad to come across a fellow-rhymer! Your rhyming poems are so much fun to read :-)