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Elevator Where Are You?

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I Was Never So Happy To Leave

We have all been there

In a place where we don't want to be

For some people

They spend part part of their life

Dealing with so much

Hospitals are that place for me

The doctors and nurses are great

The rooms look nice and clean

The housekeeper's name is Dottie

One sweet terrific person

Who not only cleans up your mess

Talks to you

Even if it is only for a few minutes

We met again later

Where she showed me

How to get out of here

The whole place is a maze

Signs and lights

Noises and lots of nursing staff busy

Everyone had a job

I am tired

Even though I slept a good night sleep

On a pull out couch

I nibbled on my wife's breakfast

Watched a little t.v.

Searched anything and everything on my phone

I just want to go home

Checking the vitals

From pulse to blood pressure

Urine outtake

Cords and wires

Ordering breakfast, then lunch

Before you know it

It is supper

It's the best place to be when you are sick

Need medical assistance for all sorts of things

That your primary care physician can't provide

I curled up with the light blanket and soft white pillow

Almost in the fetal position

All I want to do is sleep

Dream a different dream

Reality is that my wife had a problem with her toe

What we thought was the start of a callus

That wouldn't go away

Turned into something more

Our regular doctor thought it could be a planters wart

So he booked us an appointment with the Pediatrist

That is some 4 weeks out

Until then we have to do at home treatment

Soaking her toe in Epsom salt and warm water

On an antibiotic that I still can't pronounce

After a week it got worse instead of better

It turns out to be an ulcer under the callus

Now my wife is waiting to see the doctor

Hopefully, we will hear good news

After three days my wife is ready to come home

They might be able to give us some instructions

That we can manage her toe back to good health at home

Someone talked about her going back to work

Giving her foot the boot

That's a toe in the right direction

For now I have to errands

All the things that didn't get done

Feed our cat Charlotte

Food shopping and laundry

After just a few days

The honey to do list

Keeps growing and growing

I will come back later to see her

She is on a stronger antibiotic and an i.v.

It's all up to her doctor now


You never know what can happen

Until it happens to you