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Staring into Space

you will be remembered;

you will be remembered;

World such we are in, a hollow soul we feel,
till sense a realm of astral massacre, such gift to disabilities,
an injury, persistent to reign over what is pure,
innocence shall survive in its dimension such we are in, a demented thoughts we contemplate.

Story such we are in, a deceptive flavor that we taste,
a scent to trust its paradox, where your blossom shall engrave this day,
expressed endearment each one, oh funeral,
in remembrance to every expressions that haven't been explained

Pain such we are in, the last words of my feeble warrior,
tormented silence, till death be our guest?
unconscious town, the virtue of what yearn you think no more,
here reality how did you hide?

Memory such we are in, how fortunate I'm peasant who bear that horrible desolation,
like a blade who abuse one's scapegoat,
testified, oh whisper meanwhile you cease to speak.

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