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Elegy Of A Female Infant

Mohit jha has a keen interest in all aspects of poetry and writes extensively on the subject. His poems are published online and in prints.

The Voice Of An Unborn Baby Girl

I am not a burden O Mother, don't kill me in the womb.

You are my strength, do not give up such courage.

Let me come into this world, I will illuminate your name.

I will make your house filled with happiness, removing all your problems.

I am your blood too, think over it once.

I am not a burden O Mother, don't kill me in the womb.

You may not believe in me, believe in yourself once.

For the sake of saving me, please try a little bit.

I will stay with you, my mother, Even after eating stale food,

Neither will I demand toys nor a padded bed.

I will proudly serve my all duties as a daughter.

Do not spoil my world for the selfishness of these people.

If we left with no daughter, Whom will the son marry?

If you do not have a sister, who will tie Rakhi to these brothers?

On the ocassion of Navratri, they will not be able to find devi too.

How will the coming world save its existence?

Tell these things to everyone, improve your thinking,

I am also the mother goddess, I am the one, who has tied the knot of love to everyone.

This world cannot run without me,

By looking at the daughter as a burden, Do not insult me.

I improves everyone's life, so you should respect me.

Its high time now, save ur lost destiny...

© 2020 Mohit Jha

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