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Education Verses School

Elijah has always been an explorer for finding his own answers, he was often punished because of it but he is satisfied with the reward.

Education Versus School

Students are sent to School for an Education,
they are sent there for cultivation into a civilization,
but are they getting from the institutions that for which they were sent
or are they being schooled to follow the dictate of the government?

When you came to the institution of higher learning, college,
did you come for an education or to ready yourself for the market?
Did you come to prepare yourself for a job or career
such as teacher, engineer, or pilot boats, planes, or a rocket?

If you came to be schooled, readied for a career or job,
what you sought is what you got, schooled to follow the mob.
If you came to be educated, to be taught the two sides of a thing,
when to indulge and when not, you missed the consequences they bring.

To be educated is to draw into consciousness that which is within,
to cause one to see both sides and their joining point which is thin.
To school is to cause the masses to follow a certain trend,
to indulge in one half and abstain from the other, as it has been.

Now that your schooling is through are you satisfied with what you got?
If you realize you are not educated, the institution has served you well,
it prepared you only to follow, to use your mind it did not.
You may now begin your education, for the truth of life it will tell!

© 2020 Elijah A Alexander Jr

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