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Education : A Poem Based On An Old Inspiring Story

Vanita is an engineer-researcher-consultant-artist: an accomplished singer-poetess. She loves to write on Indian Culture and Life.


Long, long ago

In a Gurukul,

A dumb student, Varadraj,

Struggled in vain

To study and learn,

But, always,

His laziness and foolishness won

And he became and remained

An object of fun.

His classmates surpassed him,

Completed their studies

And left for home,

Leaving him behind,

Ashamed and alone ….

Gurujee’s perseverance,

Patience and compassion

Also gave way,

One day

And with heavy heart

And kind words,

Varadraj was told

To leave for home ….

On his way back,

Dejected, despair-loaded Varadraj

Stopped by a well

To quench thirst

And his eyes fell

On the eroded stone wall

Of the well.

He wondered,

If a rope can erode,

Leaving pits and marks

On stony well wall

Can hard-work not carve,

Can hard-work not enliven

My stone-dumb brain ?

He went back

And told this to Gurujee,

Who gladly

Gave him

One more chance,

Not in vain, again,

For he worked hard

And excelled ….

Gurujee’s kind support

And purity of his pupil’s

Intentions as well as Efforts

Fetched desired results.

- Vanita Thakkar (24.08.2009)

During my tenure in Academics - as an Assistant Professor and later, as an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, while teaching heavy / complex subjects like Heat Transfer, I used to inspire my students to work hard and to be self-confident by narrating this story, assuring them that they are far better than Varadraj - the dumb student in the story ....

I had this story in my Hindi Prose lessons in the fifth standard and it had inspired me a lot as a student .... At the end of the story was a small two line verse, which is called Dohaa - "Karat Karat Abhyaas Ke, Jadamati Hot Sujaan, Rasaree Aavat Jaat Te, Sil Par Parat Nisaan" .... given in the picture ....

One day, I thought it could be a penned into a good poem and wrote this poem ....


© 2020 Vanita Thakkar