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Eden Day


You called my way by name,
And sought within me what it claimed.
In sure good time, I saw you find
Your part in that same way enshrined.

Then watching as the morning dawned,
With gladness in our weary hearts,
As shades of warmth strewed out across
The freshest emerald growths about.

Beyond called out to us again
Two ways for us to break away,
And reflected in our then paled skies,
The heav'ns tore down to us in cries.

We both had wandered clueless there
And found that same devoted care
'Neath branches that reached
To twinkle the air,
From Hades down deep,
The devilish lair.

Down deep still looms,
'Midst remnants and runes,
Down deep is where branches
Take root to give bloom.

Paper clouds dry fast,
Raw roots drink up
Its tears and makes sweet,
Fair golden our home.

Now noonday approaches,
Our light fills the roaches,
Warm fireflies accessorize
The eve we dream of is prize.

© 2018 Marianne Hingert