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Eclecticism: A Poem

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Serena is a digital nomad who writes about work, emotions, and self-improvement.

Eclectic ec·lec·tic/əˈklektik/. adjective deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Here is why I value being eclectic

Sticking to just one value would be quite hectic

Part of why I value this is because I am a skeptic,

If you just followed one rule your whole life things wouldn’t turn out as expected!

I like to let different things decide my action

I believe that my emotions play into it a fraction

Being eclectic means I balance all these things to create the right reaction

Being well rounded is what I aspire to be

I wouldn’t label myself one way or another because that excludes creativity

Choosing one way to live is too limiting for me

I am made up of many beliefs and values that I have collected

So reflecting upon some values I’ve selected,

With friends and family, I want to feel connected and go about my life in hopes to be respected

I also value philosophy, music, spirituality, and art

To always be in touch with my emotions and my heart

But if I feel that I am losing touch or beginning to fall apart...

Because I value eclecticism, I can always change, rearrange, and restart.

© 2021 Serenity

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