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Friends from Miles

This inquisitive fellow here serves an inclination towards reading, writing, exploring new things and much more....


A band of past colours flickered through the eyes

Be it the effulgent yellows or the gloomy greys

Accruing nostalgic reminiscences & evocative remembrance carts

Recited that lovely spell, hysterically convulsing the heart

The vast swathes of those two years while grooming our lives

Had festooned our world with cheers and beaming smiles

A hub that had hived the quirkily glittering pearls hailing from distances so far

& had witnessed them being threaded into a carcanet so rare

Was now ready to bid them a farewell

And welcome an another bunch of buds to bloom & combat the gales

The dewy-eyed faces with a wistful smile

Made apart with the promises to retain the ties even from miles.....

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