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A poet of 14 years. Trying to expand into new territory to see if people can be helped by my words. My goal is to impact positively.


''I can't help but think of you...''

The soft touch of moonlight
glistens on the shoreline,
as if someone took silver paint
and glossed over the water with a fine paintbrush.

The petrichor soothes me.
It's been sometime since I've seen the rain.

The sound of the water ebbing in and out,
crashing against the sand,
taking with it a rock here,
a pebble there..
It's so... relaxing.

And as I stare at the ripples
and hear the roaring of the ocean in all of its glory,
I can't help but think of you.

So I stand up,
and pick up the smoothest rocks I can find.
And skip them across ocean.

One... two... three... four... five... sink.

It's been awhile since I've been able to think of you,
and be this relaxed.

I sit back down again
and just feel everything the way it's meant to be felt.
The dampness of the sand inbetween my toes.
The mist permeating over my body.
Strictly focus on this,
and nothing else.

with these waves;
I'll write your name on the shoreline,
and let it take you away.

I appreciate everything you've done for me.
Thank you.