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Two Seasons

Harish Mamgain is fond of the craft of writing. He loves poetry.


Spring and Sisters

Spring in full bloom along the way
A vista before my eyes enchants me
My mind tries to penetrate flowers
Plants look so gaunt yet lively

I bathe in the ambience of colors
Deaf to the din going on around
I sip dulset moments from my cup
Mother Nature spreads her smiles

The more I reflect , the much I yearn
People can make you stifle and cry
Can hamper the road on your way
Torment you with all kinds of taunts

But the senses of your own heal you
And you reach safe to the other shore
My train of thoughts snaps in a jiffy
Caught in melancholy of a voice

A woman busy over mobile to ears
Slender she speaks in a hushed tone
I fall down from my Eden of spring
All flowers and all hues vanish away

Tempted to listen her agony nears her
The bus moves and guys all absorbed
Different worlds in so different minds
I gather she gets bitter against a guy

Moments after reveals her own sister
Duo like rivulets of the same source
Yet how one turns an annoying thorn
A dear sister seems an arch enemy

One I see before drenching in malice
The other I reflect on in imagination
How the two venture in the darkness
While the light throws all hues of joy

One swears never to have her by side
Even in dire need rather prefer to beg
Not seek help if dying may God forbid
Avoid come forward to help her sister

People wonder why own blood boils
Why not sit and sort out be one again
When ever both meet, a sunami roars
One abuses the other, storms the life

One amorous spring laughs in a year
The sister chooses a fall all life -span
The nature wants to heal all wounds
The sister feels as a stone day by day

Two souls, she and me, so strangers
I ponder the spring and vibrant show
And feeling the waves of hate surging
But she maybe oblivious of all bloom

Pierces her soul reaches deep in pain
Wish my soul could speak to her soul
And both of us could show our world
How a few moments enterd our being

How I savored the spring 's splendor
And saw the hard autumn in her voice
Two seasons in my mind, I get down
A world appears, many hidden away

© Harish Mamgain


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