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Eating Breakfast - 43rd Prompt From Brenda

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Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Our good friend, Brenda Arledge, has given us our 43rd prompt, ‘breakfast’. Some people are not morning people, and they do not want to talk or eat breakfast. Others know they feel better throughout the morning if they eat breakfast. Breaking the fast from night sustains you throughout the morning. Breakfast starts your metabolism after that night of fasting.

One medical study of 50,000 people over a 7 year period of time found that those who made breakfast their largest meal of the day had a lower body mass index (BMI). Those that eat breakfast also have a better memory and improved concentration. Studies have also shown an improved energy level when you eat breakfast. A cup of coffee or two will not hurt you, and there are some benefits.

Children who eat more fruit, drink more milk and consume less saturated fat were found to be healthier. Many studies have shown the benefits of a healthy breakfast.


Acrostic Poem

Breaking the fast from the night

Ready for coffee with cream

Eating a light breakfast today

Afterwards taking a nice walk

Keeping trim for a healthy life

Fuel from breakfast in the morn

Always smiling to start the day

Sunshine shining from the east

Today I will get an early start

Why is a Healthy Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Importance of Breakfast

Waking up with a yawn or two

Drinking coffee helps me awake

What the day will bring I wish I knew

Working today will b a piece of cake

Eating breakfast before I will leave

A good healthy breakfast is divine

Making healthy choices to achieve

Yogurt and blueberries sound fine

Eat bacon, an omelet or pancakes

Banana or orange juice a fine choice

Don't worry about all of the mandates

Choose happiness so you may rejoice

Breakfast starts the day in a healthy way

Life is not simple, happiness feels good

Worry will always give you a long day

Attitude determines success, it's understood


3 out of 5 Healthy Breakfast Lesson Plan: Nutrition Made Fun!


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