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Earthy Colors, Hot Chocolate and Jack-O'-Lantern Time!

Emee.chan learned to love and appreciate the beauty of autumn and magic it weaves.


Ethereal Fall Dressed In Gold

Watch as green starts fading,
Making way for lovely colors of
Golden-brown, yellow, orange and red.
A sure sign that autumn is on its way!

Watch as leaves flutter
To the ground almost elegantly,
Creating piles that aren't always
On the safe side.

Days are getting shorter,
Little by little.
Summer's ending draws near
Minute by minute.

Feel the air getting cooler
As the breeze caresses
Your face gently,
Akin to a mother's loving touch.

Autumn carries a special
Kind of fragrance.
You can catch the whiff of it
Even when it's not there yet.

It's a combination of an earthy scent
With a gentle note of a
Smoky smell of wood, especially
Potent on rainy days.

There's also a musky-sweet aroma
Fallen leaves create, as a farewell gift
Until spring comes around,
Bringing nature back to life.

Spicy cinnamon and the rich smell of
Coffee permeates the air,
Seducing our senses,
Making us crave the taste of it.

Speaking of cravings,
We look forward to colder days
So that we could enjoy some
Good ol' hot chocolate.

Smell of chestnuts roasting spreads
Through the whole street.
The sweetness of it pulls you in,
Teasing your taste buds.

Warm coats, comfy sweaters
With all kinds of designs.
Nights spent indoors
Under a favorite blanket.

Autumn is the season of
Magic and mystery with
A side of spooky and scary.
Pray tell, what could it be?

Carved pumpkins and lanterns
Decorate every front of the house.
It's Halloween time,
Prepare to go trick-or-treating!

For some reason, autumn is often
Associated with nostalgia.
A dreamy, soft melancholic
Trip down memory lane.

Rainy days, grey and misty are
The inspiration for that
Kind of reminiscing.
Our mind is free to wander off.

Autumn casts its spell on all of us,
No one is immune to it.
A perfect blend of colors, scents,
Feelings and picturesque scenery!


Autumn carries a certain nostalgia.

A dreamy, melancholic kind.

Is it rainy days that are grey and bleak, is it the lack of warmth summer brings?

Who knows. All I know is that as an adult I learned to appreciate the fallen beauty more, since I'm no longer in school and there's more time to look around and take in everything.

Magic, mystery, rituals...Halloween is just around the corner.

Magic, mystery, rituals...Halloween is just around the corner.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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