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Earth on a Grill of Fear: A Satirical Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.

People are easy to scare when it comes from a voice of an authority.

People are easy to scare when it comes from a voice of an authority.

Fear is a powerful weapon. When people are afraid for their lives they will obey whoever's in charge, whoever claims he can lead them out of the desert, and for that they will gladly give up all their rights.

-- Shay K. Azoulay

First came those prophets with story of the hell

scaring crap of everyone on toilet of superstition

with most of the folks still under that same spell

retelling the story over in the mindless repetition.

Guts barbequed in an inferno of fear

at a Halloween of demons and spooks

devoid of a sense of optimism and cheer

forbidden to seek truth in any other books.

Then came another batch of alarmist asses

with stories of global warming -- call it a hell

and long before that new scary crap passes

many of us might religiously retell and retell.

Those medical spooks wouldn't stay behind

scaring the pants off every gullible believer

skillfully messing with just everyone's mind

fear being that oldest trick of any deceiver.

It's as if we just love cooking in our own juices

always in a fever of one doomsday or another

falling for any smart and manipulative abuses

reluctant in whose hell we would roast rather.

So let us summon some firefighters of reason

to put out those flames of ignorance and fear

even if we are committing a religious treason

to save our asses by enjoying now and here.

© 2022 Val Karas