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Ear Bubbles

t’s easy enough to decide how to think
You just have to buy a bull-dozer
Plow over your past if it made you feel small
Make a road where your home once stood
Plant a garden for the times you were kind
Those were your roots trying to become tall

I don’t read opinions dripping with money
I’ve not found an honest one yet
The real experts are living in the streets
A poor woman looks beautiful in a pond
Her reflection denies the reality of her life
I would join her if only we could meet

There’s too much information in the air
Everybody is trying to convince me
It’s like ear bubbles that won’t go away
They think they know can learn all my secrets
But the wind pops them as they float away
Until there’s nothing left for them to say

My idea of being subversive is believing
Being your friend is to ask for nothing
Even if it is that you want to help me
That’s not the deal I want to make
I’ve asked for eternal life so that’s enough
While they decide I’ll try to leave you be

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